Overview of the Program

The 3 Year Old/Kindergarten Program provides a happy, secure transition from home to a more formal learning environment. Preference is given to children who turn three years of age before the end of January in the year of attendance and children must turn three by the end of April. Children cannot commence at St Peter’s ELC until the day of their third birthday.

The children move through from the 3 Year Old/Kindergarten Program to the 4 Year Old/Pre-Preparatory Program each year. The foundations established during their time in the Kindergarten Program are given the opportunity to be further explored, extended and consolidated.

The Educational Program commences at 8.45am with a morning meeting to outline the day and welcome the children. The day proceeds with time to explore the indoor program and engage with the specialist activities (Tuesday-Thursday), followed by morning tea. Following morning tea, the students enjoy an outdoor program, before returning inside for prayer, lunch and rest time. Depending on the weather, afternoons can be either indoors or outdoors, with the conclusion of the ELC Educational Program at 2.45pm. Daily routines are flexible for the many learning opportunities or celebrations that may arise.