Religion & Values

St Peter's ELC is a Catholic co-educational setting. Whilst following the mission and values from our partnership schools, St Peter’s ELC recognises the core values of the Four Pillars of Education:

  • Learning to Live Together
  • Learning to Know
  • Learning to Do
  • Learning to Be

(Delors Report UNESCO 1996)

Learning to Live Together

  • building a sense of community
  • understanding myself as a part of a group
  • recognition of difference in others
  • tolerance of other cultural values
  • learning to manage conflict
  • “Inter-relationships”

Learning to Know

  • based on a Catholic Foundation
  • leads to full participation in society
  • curriculum – content and conceptual
  • curriculum – dialogue, excellence, depth
  • process and content
  • risk taking and sense of fulfilment
  • “Information-based”

Learning to Do

  • becoming multi-skilled and competent
  • active not passive
  • live a full and healthy lifestyle
  • responsible for your own learning
  • doing implies energy and a sense of life
  • “What activities can really help children?”

Learning to Be

  • innately Spiritual beings
  • need to reflect and connect inwardly
  • prayerful and non-judgemental
  • dream from within – goal orientated life
  • deepen our relationship with God and Jesus
  • “We can just stop and be, we don’t have to be always active/doing"

Throughout the early years, the children begin to learn about social justice. As we connect with our partnership school, events are held to raise money for the Edmund Rice Foundation (St Kevin’s College).